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Trina leaked nude photos

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It was a chicks phone, in her mid twenties.

She also appeared on Broadway as Deena Brown in Dreamgirls. Nude girl actors. These ppl take intimate photos and wonder why they get leaked! Tamar Braxton, the youngest sibling, is the most well known Braxton sister apart from Toni. Trina leaked nude photos. He better just enjoy the pics for himself because I doubt anyone will pay for them including Trina. I thought Kenyon has dumped Trina basically because she beat him up??

I have lost a cell before, but I called my provider to down grade the minutes until I could afford to buy another phone. That is so lame. These pictures do not implicate Trina at all! Peep it at your own risk and judge for yourself. And I'm not for the naked picture thing but it is her business but they shouldn't have been leaked and when you take naked pictures you mine as well know they are gonna be leaked no matter what.

I do feel sorry that her phone was stolen and even though she didn't leak the pics, she needs to be careful and NOT take any more intimate photos. Experts warn to think twice before taking private images on mobile devices, which can easily be lost and subject to strangers digging into your private material. Klum heidi nude. When people lose their wallets, do you keep those too out of fear that if you turn it in other people will steal it??? Way My child got a phone call from my daddy.

I mean who takes pictures of themselves crying???? I hope the dude knows he isn't getting his k now All you have to do is clean up the muffled voice and you will hear the real person's voice. Some of those pics were so random; could be anyone. The show follows the pair as Tamar tries to reach superstardom with her solo music career, while balancing the demands of their marriage and trying to start a family.

All alleged of course. I swear this leaked photo thing is getting out of hand! Yeah, these people in the public eye needs to get it together if you have something personal and intimate that you don't want leak, don't put it in your cell phone, on video tape, etc. I have crossed over. I think Trina put her naked pics on display for publicity and she got her cousin Poukie to disguise his voice and asked for a randsom. It went something like this….

I was expecting for her stuff to be hanging out! But the insider insists that Trina is the source of the leaked photos. Damn Trina that look nasty, but I wouldnt put it past Kenyon though he look he would do that cuz his Heart was hurt……. Now, that's HOW I quote your dumbass. I can believe someone stole her phone at the awards show, but I think there is more to the story.

This may sound like a Gold Digger anthem…but a guy being rich…is like a girl being pretty… Both parties are using each other for something right? Those hives look disgusting but could very well not be her.

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What STD you get on your arm. First time lesbian experience porn. Photos in the studio. It appear she was taking pictures of her bruises Aha, all I caught was static, because you see I'm allegric to BS. So that goes for the regular Moes too. Did Trina take a pic of herself crying? I just feel bad for her but she should have been smarter with the type of pics she takes.

Trina admitted she took some racy photos of herself, however all the images that appeared on various sites aren't from her phone. I feel sorry for her. A LADY, u must be In addition to a few of the nude images, Trina said some of the photos are clean images of her at birthday celebrations, her with friends and an image of her fresh from a facial. Oh and rumor is that Trina used to fight Kenyon all the time, and he got tired of it.

I can believe someone stole her phone at the awards show, but I think there is more to the story. Trina leaked nude photos. Nude public sex. So it doesn't have to be anything nasty. Hey Hey Hey Ms. Can I have some of what you had? The proof is in the puddin. I was at lenox mall one day In atlanta and I found this IPhone in the womans private changing rooms for children.

The pictures of her crying touched my heart for what ever strange reason. On a more serious note, has Trina had work done to here face??? Then he met my daddy and now understands me.

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But pics of Kenyon smoking weed could get him kicked out of the NBA. That would be hella bitter. Kenyon is a nice guy he paid for everything Trina wanted from hand bags, diamonds, those good lace fronts etc. Mia singer nude. I just think it was my personal stuff and for someone to do that is so, so wrong. Whoever this jerk is is a straight: But I really hope that dude gets in trouble! Oh please, shut up with the stupid excuses.

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