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Go to Common Sense Review. More strong female fighters make an appearance as the film progresses. Lesbian digimon porn. Mad max nude scene. Two men in the film decide to throw their lot in with the women, not as saviours but as allies.

One of the most Feminist Films ever! Read my mind 8. Had useful details 4. Although the violence is at an all time high, it isn't too gory, and the swearing is very quiet.

The older women the group stumbles across represent the last people of an egalitarian matriarchy who join with Furiosa, Max, and the wives to fight for freedom and an end to greed and violence.

Other than yelling instructions at each other during battle, Max and Furiosa exchange hardly a word over the course of the movie. A man walks away from his group into the desert and returns with a large bag of ammunition and guns, his head covered with his enemies' blood; he washes it off in a bucket of mother's milk that hangs on their truck. Because of the strong characterisation and minimal gore, mature 15 year olds should be fine with this excellent film.

Luckily, an overwhelming majority of movie critics seem to agree, because Mad Max: Furiosa and the old lady biker gang are pretty awesome. It was really one of the best movies I've seen in a while. I stopped watching all movies for a year after this, and still get nauseous going back to Hollywood junk. Facts about lesbians. One of the best films of the year so far. I just wanted everyone to bask in how absolutely glorious he is.

Informizely customer feedback surveys. The only real reason it's rated R is violence and gore it's great. This gets an F. Had useful details 5.

Mad Max is without a doubt visually and stylistically impressive. While I felt like character development was weak, the action is massively entertaining, the visuals are gorgeous, and the story can get surprisingly emotional. Contains non-stop, occasionally bloody violence. Wind and rain machines, studio sets replicating exterior locations, shooting day for night, or dry for wet - all of these techniques have been around for decades. Lot's of fat women's breasts are seen pumping milk.

A film industry is an ecosystem and needs all its parts. Had useful details 2. Celebrity hacked naked pics. The most graphic violence lasts for less than two seconds and features a main character getting his mask and part of his face ripped off, this is shown briefly, but includes a moderate amount of blood spray.

The Dark Knight was worse than this movie. I loved this amazing film.

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If you search the world over and find the highest quality pepperoni out there and then make a pizza using several pounds of this premium pepperoni in a layer several inches thick, but only apply a thin layer of sauce and cheese, do you have a good pizza?

Read my mind 8. Naked blonde amateur. Let me explain by way of an analogy: The last time he ventured into the post-apocalyptic wasteland that is the world of Mad Max, was Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, in Adult Written by Jared Broome May 22, There is no utopia to run away to—the only chance at survival is to fight for the one shitty world we have.

George Miller is back, after spending most of the last twenty years devoted to family entertainment, such as Babe: At the time this was a risky move that could easily have backfired. Reviews Find the good stuff, faster — from books to YouTube. Reid ReidMcC June 12, at 5: The fossil-fuel driven land is a muscle-car based culture, filling most scenes with roaring engines, shouting, dust clouds and large plumes of dirty exhaust or clouds of flame with smoke.

This sets up the film's second extended action set piece, the first being an opening road chase that leads to Max's initial capture. Mad max nude scene. Lots of people say the breast milk part is bad, but the breasts are covered up by the tubes. Wind and rain machines, studio sets replicating exterior locations, shooting day for night, or dry for wet - all of these techniques have been around for decades.

With her shaved head and axle-grease face paint, Furiosa is instantly iconic. The elaborately-designed, exceedingly detailed world will sail right by you without trying to justify its existence, and by the time the action kicks into high gear you will just accept that this is a world where people build altars out of steering wheels and have names like The Splendid Angharad and go to war with a guy playing a guitar that shoots flames.

It had great, strong female characters too, which is somewhat uncommon for an action movie.

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Why the 5 stars? This occurs near the end, and is the only part that really stands out as being brutally violent. Expert Database Find experts with knowledge in: If you want your daughter to feel her only worth is being a sexual object, go ahead and take her.

Had useful details 5. The violence for the first half is very mild and could easily pass as PG Charlize Theron's Furiosa arguably does more heroics than Mad Max himself, and there are many other supporting female characters young and old that engage in the action and perform admirably.

Computer simulated effects are able to be scaled up or down while simultaneously adapting to real world physics. Sunny leone porn sex nude. The best action film in years! I'd seen the first of this franchise a few months ago, and binged the next two, "Road Warrior" and "Beyond Thunderdome," both of which seriously impressed me for standing up to a sequel so powerful.

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