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Along the way, Sully falls down a hole and injures his leg.

The Spaniards found the treasure first, which was revealed to not be a city of gold as widely believed, but a gold sarcophogus. Nude women models videos. Nate carries out the theft with Harry Flynnand after narrowly escaping with their lives, Nate lets Flynn keep the gold that they stole with the book. Roman doubts Eddy's abilities to do his job further and ignores his superstitious claim that something cursed on the island is killing his men.

But Nate would still have to stay on his feet. Chloe frazer naked. When is Nathans birthday?? Guerro then calmly drops Dante off a balcony, and forces Nate to hand over the Sword of Stephen while he leaves with Chase as a hostage. Nathan "Nate" Drake is the main protagonist and playable character of the Uncharted series. You did say it. He has a muscular physique, a tan skin-tone, and is either 6'1 North's own height or 5'11 -- the latter supported by minor evidence of his mugshot stating him as six foot with shoes on.

Like in Egypt, there are worship chambers in the secret passage, although two of them have collapsed into a sea cave. You were this close to cracking.

The one any self serving thief would - making sure your partner was left off thoroughly screwed. Sexy naked sluts pics. The groggy clouds were only a reflection of what the man himself felt. What brings that up anyways, Cowboy, you have some big plans in the works? She updates him on Sullivan's situation: Sam expresses his excitement for the discovery and they make their way to the treasure building. I think the virus can exist only few seconds in the air.

But this was not what had grabbed her attention and given it a thorough shaking. The coded coordinates of the entrance to Agartha were engraved on the Amber Seala panel from the Amber Room that Byrd had taken to prove that he'd had it. She put Angelina Jolie's famous Oscar dress to shame. He then destroyed all of the Spanish ships so that the evil "curse" could never be transported off of the island.

Mesh fabric paired with jewels is a huge trend in red carpet fashion right now. In it, a private detective is hired by Elena Fisher to locate Nate, who is researching Sir Francis Drake and his voyages. So I should forget what they said right? I tried to provide everything that I do for her and yet it's never enough for her! Add user to Ignore List after reporting. Explore Wikis Community Central. It was Drake who broke the silence, and Chloe, now feeling safe enough to divert her gaze, looked over to him.

But it seemed that the one easiest for Nate to get to had to be the one with a stubborn complex against acutally working for her.

Elena then assumes he is troubled about the Malaysia job and after a discussion and some playtime, the two share a kiss. They have time to examine the central chamber while Henriksen views the above-ground facilities, and while they do so Nate uncovers references to the Minotaur and a secret passage beneath the altar.

Later that day, Nate joins Elena for dinner and the two exchange their day.

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You could start with buying me my own drink, sailor.

Though the bodice of the dress simply matched her skin tone and Hadid was sporting crystal-studded undergarments, the sheer fabric left little to the imagination.

Flynn drew back a little, and Chloe took the opportunity to jump up and sit on the counter, shifting the glasses toward the sink. Furry nude porn. Like in Egypt, there are worship chambers in the secret passage, although two of them have collapsed into a sea cave.

The Atelier Versace gown was entirely sheer down one side. The coin is minted with a mark of a volcano that coincides with a volcano near King's Bay.

Nate and Elena lean in to kiss but are interrupted by Sully, who arrives on a small speedboat, with several boxes of treasure that he took from pirates who were "too dead to care. Chloe frazer naked. Bane, Joker, Batgirl, and maybe Shazam. Nate has no special training, his skills being described as "fallible", instead relying on his wits and a lot of luck to gain the advantage. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Something about Hawkgirl just does it for me idk why However, Rika betrays both Nate and Eddy by taking the amulet for herself, holding them at gunpoint and repeating Nate's earlier statement, that she simply "beat him to the punch".

Nate breaks free, and navigates his way through the graveyard to Rameses' cruise ship - The Seaward. The third chamber, however, is decorated in a script Ian deduces to be an unknown variant of the Linear B script, and what he can translate reveals the chamber is dedicated to Poseidon, and the third labyrinth is on the island of Thera.

Nathan, who was left at the orphanage after a fight with a fellow orphanruns away from the orphanage when his brother returns with a lead to whom their mother's effects were sold to. Moms friends tits. For years, he and Nate have excavated the ruins hoping to find Avery's treasure but to no avail.

Deception of the Heart Nathan Drake, a descendant of the famous English explorer Francis Drake, sat an air plane, looking around the window in deep thought while expression showed nothing but hurt and pain.

A reluctant Sam begs Nate that they go and find the treasure, assuring a safer shortcut to Avery's ship which is located on a cove underneath the mountain. Before they can learn more they are interrupted by the arrival of Guerro's men. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. InBraxton spoke with People Magazine about the daring gown. Chase takes Nate to the house of Vincent Perezher grandfather, and explains that he found the Amulet among the ruins on the ridge, and spent twenty years trying to figure out what it was.

The epilogue of U4 reveals they are still together some years later, and even have a teenage daughter. They are setting up explosives on the supporting columns of the cavern. Engraved upon the blade are symbols, which Nate takes charcoal rubbings of before he returns to Chase. Among Thieves Uncharted 3: Teigen also tagged her laser hair removal salon in the Instagram post.

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For more Cannes film festival fashion, head over to our list of the best and worst looks.

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The word was barely audible, muttered through clenched teeth as she touched the wires once more. The trio find a series of catacombs beneath the monastery. Nate urged Navarro that the curse wiped out an entire colony, but Navarro dismissed his warnings, pointing out he knew more than anyone realized.

Once Nate delivers it to him, Valdez betrays him and Nate barely makes it out of Ecuador alive. Vintage amateur milf. Nate went back to the outer base, only to find that Elena had been captured by Roman and Navarro. Lemons later on in the story.

As they leave, they are attacked by Talbot and his men, who take the amulet and set the chateau on fire. Karen dreams nude videos During the heist, Nate breaks open the lamp to uncover blue resin and a blank piece of paper.

He had been presumed deceased following a NATO bombing raid which caused severe scarring to his body. Using Luka's journal, they find the entrance to the third labyrinth beneath a medieval fortress, as well as the safe route towards the centre. While escaping, Cutter's leg is broken, and he and Chloe decide to sit the rest of the adventure out.

Even now he wanted to rush out into the world, not sit and have to wait with nothing to do. The truth was, they were an abominable bunch and that was not going to change.

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