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I am very gay for Beca Mitchell. Www indian big tits com. There was even a part where the lesbian was groping one of the straight girls butts and the straight girl started blowing her rape whistle. I love that your character is just part of the pack. Pitch perfect lesbian scene. Actually, what I think that anon meant was that Glee had a very similar scene in season 3 where the club had a "bonfire" type confessional before graduation and either Quinn or Rachel said something like Beca does and then the editing cuts have it look like it's a Quinn and Rachel moment.

I laughed at everything that came out of her mouth. Also, it was totally cute when Brittany brushed Anna's hair off her face When did that happen? Also, to the guest who said it was a Glee rip-off, I agree, or at least a satirical poke at the show. How's making PP3 queerbating? Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Last month, a Pitch Perfect 3 video ad surfaced on Snapchat and quickly spread to fan accounts on Twitter and beyond.

Go to Next Page. X It's sort of queerbating when they know that the fandom wants Bechloe and it won't happen. They should've paired him with Aubrey tbh. Huge tits park. Oct 9 Watch their promo video below: Too bad we still need that PG rating.

I think I'll go alone sometime dying the week. Bechloe was never going to happen. Guest Dec 26 The only character who truly shines in this movie is Fat Amy. Guest Oct 9 Not the OP, but yeah, the movie was good but the lesbian part really bothered me. I think it,s a shame they are completely ignoring it.

I cant believe PitchPerfect is gonna queerbait me for the 3rd time and Im still gonna go to the movies and give them my money! The guy getting the girl in the end is so cliche Like Beca, we keep tuning in because we love spending time with these beautiful weirdos. More you may like. In one of the featurettes about the riff-off part, the spinning wheel they used to select the theme for songs to be sang had an entry for "Songs ruined by Glee".

AK made it sounds like there was a possibility. Am I missing something? Guest Feb 12 I don't care who's in it, if the Lesbian storyline is offensive I'm not going to give them money.

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Discrimination and intolerance against any segment of society is to the detriment of all. Jennette mccurdy nearly nude. It's kind of gross that other people are baiting the fans instead of being straight up like Elizabeth was. Bechloe was never going to happen. Also, can I just say two things about Becca? Watch their promo video below: Beca Mitchell never said she was straight We always remember how Chloe was the most obvious bi one and how Beca used to brush her off throughout the movies, but we had absolutely no proof that Beca thought of herself as a hetero.

I am very gay for Beca Mitchell. Today, the entire list has female characters and counting. Revamped my drawing a little bit. Pitch perfect lesbian scene. Didn't the director or something say there won't be any bechloe? Are you ready to step into the spotlight yourself now? The fanfictions, however, could possibly materialize in Pitch Perfect 3 to please the fans. If they had balls they'd go for it. Lesbian teacher seduction porn. You were never going to make the risky but honorable move to make the two lead women execute their very real Teen Choice Award-winning chemistry.

Though the sign is clearly tongue-in-cheek, to Carron, the new Arkansas law is no joke. Horizontal running… Fat Amy: The more we have fun with it, the more people seem to like it. If you need a little help understanding, these links should help you outalong with some simple research on things women-loving-women are absolutely tired of.

Yet, the fandom has a huge queer fanbase around the characters of Chloe Brittany Snow and Becca Anna Kendrick because of their very intense interactions with each other in the first two films. When was the last time a motion picture centered itself on the premise that a teenage, mixed race, black lesbian is worthy of support and love from everyone surrounding her? You call yourself Fat Amy?

And whatever that connection may be, do you think that it is more than what could conspire between two friends? The vast majority of those characters were, unsurprisingly, gay men. Last month, a Pitch Perfect 3 video ad surfaced on Snapchat and quickly spread to fan accounts on Twitter and beyond.

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I thought the film was great. The chemistry between Beca and Chloe is something that was noticed in the first film and capitalised upon in the sequel, so Kendrick is hopeful that this storyline will be explored further in the next instalment. Maybe the cry out for Bechloe fans to fill the seats of movie theaters worldwide was an attempt to save a film that you already knew was terrible.

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I get the feeling that we should kiss. Mama cabbage nude pics. Horizontal running… Fat Amy: Click above to see the list! The actress shared that the Pitch Perfect 3 is going to be hardcore for fans especially that the cast and crew of the upcoming film are working their hardest to finally give what fans want to see.

Based on the Pitch Perfect 2 trailers, how do you think this movie will score on rottentomatoes. Pitch perfect lesbian scene. More you may like. Guest Nov 8 Guest Feb 12 Do not reproduce without permission. The practice is nothing new in Pitch Perfect films. I'm sure in the movie we'll see all the girls looking at each other teary eyed.

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